Английский язык задания и ответы школьного этапа олимпиады ВОШ 2019-2020


Всероссийская олимпиада школьников по английскому языку ответы и задания 2019-2020 учебный год, дата проведения в г. Москве с 12 сентября по 18 сентября.

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Некоторые задания с олимпиады:

1)The circus opened in the 18th century….

2)The circus didn’t work during the Great Patriotic War….

3)Karandash was a very famous clown….

4)The circus moved to another area….

5)The circus performances are great….

26)The shopkeeper keeps his stock in good strong boxes…..

27)Give them each a toy….

28)often have cocoa to drink…..

29)Who saw his car first?….

30)dog loves a good run…..

А)Garlic reduces the risk of heart disease….

B. Juggling is good for the brain…..

C. Eating oranges can stop you from getting colds

D. Sitting too close to a television is bad for your eyes

E. If you get cold, you risk catching a cold

F. Reading in poor light can damage your eyes.

1)Doing the Right Thing in Britain.When you stop a stranger in the street to ask for directions, start by saying ‘Excuse me…’ When you want to get past people, say ‘Excuse me…’ and they will move out of your way. And you should say ‘Please’ when you ask for something, and say ‘Thank you’ when people give you something.

Look friendly. Smile when you talk to people in shops, restaurants and on public transport, and they will probably smile back.

2)Put each verb in brackets (1–25) into a suitable verb form. 0 – is done for you as an example. This story 0 (to happen) _happened_ many years ago with an Englishman. After a short visit to France he 1 ________ (to want) to go back to England…

3)Your pen-friend Ann wrote you a letter: My parents got so angry about the disorder in my room that they made me spend the whole weekend tidying it up. I also have to take our dog for a walk twice a day. How do you help your parents at home? What do you like and dislike doing at home? ..

4)Truth or Myth? This is a (5) ________. It won’t damage your eyes, (6) ________ it might give you a headache. The (7) ________ thing is to watch television at a distance that feels comfortable. But watching too much TV can be a bad idea. In (8) ________, research shows that children who (9) ________ spend more than 10 hours a week watching TV are more likely to be overweight and slower to learn at school…

5)Two Babies. On a cold autumn day in the second quarter of the 16th century a boy 0 (to be born) was born to a rich family of the name of Tudor. He was wanted very much by the family and the whole nation. People 1 _______________ (to walk) along the streets talking only about the new baby, Edward Tudor, Prince of Wales, who 2 _______________ (to lie) in silk and 3 _______________ (not to know) that all England 4 _______________ (to dream) of his birth so much.

6)The Art of Drawing. Drawing has always been a 0 _______ popular hobby. Young children draw with a pencil as 21 ______ as they can hold one. Drawing is often seen as a special skill, and it is 22 ______ that some people seem to draw perfect pictures without any effort. Yet drawing, like writing, can be 23 ______; you can draw accurately if you work really hard at it.

7)In May our country will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War. Your class is going to take part in the contest of best articles dedicated to this big day. Write an article and mention the following.

8)It would be simple enough to follow him. Roger was a man of habits, and even when his hours of work were irregular, he would still take his mid-day meal, whenever he did take it, at Percy’s.

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