Английский язык 7,8,9 класс мониторинговая работа чтение 2019


Мониторинговая работа раздел “Чтение” по английскому языку 7, 8, 9 класс для 56 региона задания и ответы: 22.03.2019 ( 22 марта 2019 год )

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Текст для 7 класса:

Obviously the best way to get to school depends on how far you live from school. Many students would prefer to walk to school, but they live too far away. The biggest problem in Bristol is the traffic, so if you go to school by bus, it’s slower and more boring. For many students the quickest way to get to school is by bicycle. So if you go the school by bicycle, it’s quicker and you enjoy the journey more. But many cyclists are worried about the dangers of cycling in heavy traffic. And of course, riding a bicycle is not very enjoyable when it rains and
when it’s cold!

Scientists have developed a robot that can react emotionally to the way people treat him, relaxing when it feels kindness and showing fear at anger. Heart Robot has a beating heart, a breathing belly and sensors that react to movement, noise and touch. If you hug him he will melt in emotions. If you give him a violent shake or shout at him he will get upset. His eyes will become wide, his heart will beat quickly. Scientists designed Heart Robot to study how people react to a machine that shows feelings. The idea of robots having emotions or a personality is no longer just science fiction.

Текст для 8 класса:

Fyodor Konyukhov is a Russian traveller. He has completed over 40 unique expeditions.He is the first and only person in the world, so far, to have reached the five extreme points on the earth: the North Pole, the South Pole, the Pole of Inaccessibility in the Arctic Ocean, the top of Mount Everest, and sailing around the world via Cape Horn. Fyodor Konyukhov was born in 1951 into an ordinary family. There were 5 children in the family: three boys and two girls. From his childhood, Fyodor was dreaming about travels to different parts of the world. When he was just 15 he went on his first expedition. Fyodor crossed the Azov Sea in a fisherman’s boat. Later he studied and graduated from the Odessa Naval College and the Leningrad Polar College, becoming a professional navigator and marine engineer.

The Moscow metro is very important as a means of transport in the Russian capital, in particular during rush hours. It has more metro visitors than the New York subway and London underground put together! The Moscow metro works efficiently and the trains run very frequently and very fast. The Moscow metro is one of the most beautiful subways in the world. 44 of the stations are listed as cultural heritage sites. The first plans for a metro system in Moscow date back to the times of the Russian Empire. One such project was actively discussed
in 1902, but at that time the local government declined it in favor of trams. Indeed trams in those days were very popular and brought lots of money into the city’s budget.

Текст для 9 класса:

We don’t realize how lucky we are to have clean water whenever we want. A lot of people around the world do not have such an opportunity. Did you know that more than 750 million people on the Earth do not have clean water to drink? Meanwhile, a lot of water is wasted and polluted. In 1993 the United Nations decided to celebrate the World Day for Water. Nowadays a lot of special events are organized in different countries. Their aim is to make people understand how important clean water is for their health, environment and agriculture.
Water is essential for our life. We should think about saving it, as the fresh water supplies are limited. We need to keep it clean for ourselves and for future generations.

Earth Hour is an event that encourages people around the world to switch off electricity at the same time for one hour. Of course, switching off the lights for an hour makes a small difference to the amount of energy we use. But the aim of the event is not to save energy but to get people to think about the planet they live on. Earth Hour started in Australia in 2007. More and more countries join the ecological movement every year. Now, millions of people from 178 countries switch off their lights for 60 minutes at the end of March. People in Russia participate
in this event too – large office buildings and small private houses go dark for Earth Hour.

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