British Bulldog 2019 ответы и задания

British Bulldog 2019 ответы и задания 3-4 класс 10-11 декабря 2019


Конкурс British Bulldog 2019 (бритиш бульдог) ответы и задания для 3-4 класса, официальная дата проведения конкурса 10-11 декабря 2019-2020.

1)How many magazines does Frank have? Ответ: С

2)Which magazine is for his brother? Ответ: B

3) Which magazine did Frank buy for himself? Ответ: С

4) Where did he buy the magazines? Ответ: A

5) What is Frank interested in? Ответ: C

6) What is the girl interested in? Ответ: A

11)When did James sell his pictures? Last … . Ответ: A

12)How old is James?Ответ: A

13)When did James begin painting? A … ago. Ответ: C

14)What did James paint in his first picture? Ответ: A

15) What does James like to paint these days? Ответ: D

16)How did James begin to draw? He was … . Ответ: С

17) Whose hobby is painting? His … . Ответ: B

21) Laura’s family usually … in a hotel in the mountains. Ответ: B

22)The hotel is situated near a small … with sailing boats on it.Ответ: B

23)Lauras father is happy because people working at the hotel are very …Ответ: D

24)They often go fishing and Laura likes to … fish. Ответ: B

25)Laura wants to … to the top of the highest mountain there.Ответ: B

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