British Bulldog 2020 задания ответы

British Bulldog 2020 ответы и задания для 5-6 класса 15-16 декабря 2020 год



Ответы и задания для 5-6 класса на все 60 заданий конкурса British Bulldog 2020 (британский бульдог), официальная дата проведения конкурса British Bulldog в 2020 году: 15.12.2020-16.12.2020 (15-16 декабря 2020 год).

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British Bulldog 2020 ответы и задания для 5-6 класса (полные ответы выше):

British Bulldog 2020 ответы 5 6 класс

1)What is the girl’s name?

Ответ: Sally

2)What does David want her to do? To … .

Ответ: join the club for swimmers

3)What day of the week is David’s class on?

Ответ: Wednesday

4)Which group of people has classes on Thursday?

Ответ: Grown-ups

5) How many people attend David’s class this term?

Ответ: 6

6)How will the children get to the pool?

Ответ: By bus

7)What kind of transport does David sometimes use?

Ответ: A bike

8)When does the lesson begin?

Ответ: At 5:00 p.m.

9)When does David ask the girl to come to his house?

Ответ: At 4:30 p.m.

10)What else should the girl take, apart from swimming things?

Ответ: Money

Read the text and answer the questions In September, 1666, the old city of London caught fire. The fire started in a bakery in Pudding Lane. The streets of old London were narrow and crooked, so the fire spread quickly. A strong wind was blowing from the river and it blew the flames from house to house. The fire burned from September 2nd to September 6th. It destroyed eighty percent of the city. The people of London rebuilt the city. The new houses were made of brick or stone. The streets in the new city were wider and cleaner than in the old city. Sir Christopher Wren rebuilt St Paul’s Cathedral.

11)When did the fire of London begin? … of the 17th century.

Ответ: At the end

12)Where did the fire begin? In the shop which sold … .

Ответ: bread

13)What were the streets in old London like?

Ответ: Narrow and not straight

14)Why did the fire spread at such a great speed? Because of …

Ответ: violent wind

15)For how long did the fire last? For … days.

Ответ: four

16)How much of the city was destroyed?

Ответ: More than half

17)Who rebuilt London? The … .

Ответ: inhabitants

18)What did they use to build new houses?

Ответ: Stone

19) What were the streets in new London like? They were … .

Ответ: wider

20)Which famous structure did Christopher Wren rebuild after the fire?

Ответ:  St Paul’s Cathedral

Fill in the prepositions Here are a few things you may not know (21) goldfish. Did you know that they have been kept (22) Chinese homes (23) over a thousand years? They became widespread (24) many other countries (25) the seventeenth century, when travelling Europeans brought goldfish back (26) Europe with them. It became traditional (27) a married man to give a goldfish (28) his wife (29) their first wedding anniversary as a symbol (30) prosperity.

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ошибка в ответах в слушании в 9 вопросе. Правильный ответ 3.15, просит прийти ее посмотреть телевизор, а выйдут в 4.30